What is Software Management?

Software project management is an art and science of designing and leading software projects
It is a sub-discipline of project management during which software projects are planned, implemented,
monitored and controlled.

the software industry grew very quickly, as computer companies quickly recognized the relatively
low cost of software production compared to hardware production and circuitry. To manage new development efforts,
companies applied the established project management methods, but project schedules slipped during test runs, especially when confusion occurred within the gray zone between the user specifications and therefore the delivered software. To be ready to avoid these problems,
software project management methods focused on matching user requirements to delivered products,
during a method known now because the waterfall model.

A software development process cares primarily with the assembly aspect of software development,
as against the technical aspect, like software tools. These processes exist primarily for supporting
the management of software development, and are generally skewed toward addressing business concerns.
Many software development processes are often run during a similar thanks to general project management processes.