How is Digital Marketing Different on Mobile?

As you'll probably imagine, digital marketing on mobile is extremely different from digital marketing on desktop. lately , these differences are particularly important because smartphones are now the first device people use to interact with the web .
With 60% of internet activity happening on mobile devices, the shift from desktop to mobile has had a profound effect on digital marketing.
Last year, Google Ads got obviate the sidebar ads on their results pages to make a uniform experience between mobile and desktop. Facebook Ads still shows sidebar ads on desktop, but only shows in-stream ads on mobile. Shorter blog posts outperform longer blog posts on mobile…and the list of differences goes on and on.
To be honest, in today’s digital marketing world, it’s an honest idea to assume that folks will encounter your marketing on mobile then adapt your strategy for desktop as required .
In addition to optimizing your ads for mobile, it’s also important to believe your site and landing page experience. Sure, your website might look beautiful on desktop, but if it’s impossible to navigate on mobile, you’ll find yourself alienating a big percentage of your web traffic.
At a minimum, you ought to have a mobile-responsive website, but ideally, your mobile experience should be specifically designed to facilitate an easy mobile experience (not just an adapted version of your desktop experience).
Whether most advertisers know it or not, digital marketing is primarily a mobile experience now. the great news is, if you’re relatively new digital marketing, you don’t need to worry about reinventing the wheel. you'll start by arising with compelling mobile advertisements then adapt as required for desktop.